Whether it is a business card, corporate calendar, special brochure or a regular flyer – printed items always have a great impact on brand marketing. Thus, it is required to pay attention and spend time to determine the style and design of all the printed products that you can use to promote your brand. Professional printing service in Bath can help you to achieve your goals. Nonetheless, you must be aware of some common mistakes in printing and try to avoid them to enjoy the best results.

What Are the Common Mistakes in Printing Service?

Not Enough Bleed

The bleed is the area in a printed material that will be trimmed to get the final result of the design. This is the print that typically goes beyond the edge of the design where you can trim the shit to get the final look of the product. Not leaving enough space for bleed is a big mistake. This can have an impact on the overall appearance of the print once you cut the edges to give it the desired shape and size.

Typos and Other Errors

Typos are common in texts. But, it cannot be considered a casual or silly mistake when you print a professional product for business promotion. Ignoring typos or spelling errors can be a major mistake, and it will impact your brand marketing results.

Incorrect Image Resolution

Often business owners fail to choose the correct image resolution for their printed product due to inexperience. This wrong selection can put all your effort into the vein; because the results will be highly disappointing. The wrong resolution will make the end product unimpressive, unclear and, in some cases, unsightly too. Always choose the correct resolution. Your printing expert can help you with this. 

Poor Design

Even if everything goes right, a poor design can ruin all your effort and time. It is necessary to be highly careful about choosing a unique, alluring and smart design for your product. Moreover, that design must suit your brand’s persona and convey your message clearly to your target clients.

Stick to Black and White if Colour is Not Necessary

Black and white print is always a less expensive solution than colour prints. If the project does not have any specific demand, you should stick to black and white printing instead of using costly colours.

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