Silk screen print film output services

For traditional silk screen printers in Radstock, Bath, Frome and the UK,
you can fully depend on the specialists at Spectrum Form Design Ltd.

Silk Screen Printer Film and Repro services

In the fashion and retail industry, silk screen printing is making a resurgence. Here at Spectrum Form Design we can offer silk screen printers and start up T-shirt and print companies advice on screens and film output services from A4 up to 44″ wide to any length. We offer quality film, perfect for repeat business and can run a variety of dot sizes and shapes to suit your needs.

Specialist equipment

We can output film up to 44″ wide to any length using our Epson large format printer and special silk screen film.

We usually cater for silkscreen films with dpi as low as 25dpi up to 85dpi, but we can match any screen ruling or angle and dot shape the customer uses.

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